Navy Lark Broadcast Schedule

The episodes of The Navy Lark were not individually titled when originally broadcast. The episode titles listed below are those commonly used by collectors. They are unofficial and several variations exist. The BBC generally follows these names for their rebroadcasts and recording reissues, but occasionally assigns alternative titles.

Series 1

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Sundays at 7:00pm, with episodes 4-16 repeated on the following Tuesdays at 8:00pm. All episodes further repeated on the Home Service on Saturdays at 1:10pm 13 June - 26 Sept 1959.

Ep. Date Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Title
1959-06-13The Missing Jeep
1959-06-20Operation Fag End
1959-06-27Number One's Chair
1/041959-04-191959-04-211959-07-04The Fairground Lights
1/051959-04-261959-04-281959-07-11The Comfort Fund
1/061959-05-031959-05-051959-07-18Stuck Up The Inlet
1/071959-05-101959-05-121959-07-25The Admiral's Party
1/081959-05-171959-05-191959-08-01The Hank of Heather
1/091959-05-241959-05-261959-08-08The Multiple Mines
1/101959-05-311959-06-021959-08-15The Gun Mechanism Test
1/111959-06-071959-06-091959-08-22The Whittlesea Bay Yacht Regatta
1/121959-06-141959-06-161959-08-29The Psychology Test
1/131959-06-211959-06-231959-09-05A Watch On the Initiative Test
1/141959-06-281959-06-301959-09-12An Exercise in Filming
1/151959-07-051959-07-071959-09-19The Smuggling Spy
1/161959-07-121959-07-141959-09-26The Whittlesea Carnival and Fete

Series 2

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Fridays at 7:30pm. Episodes 1-9 repeated on the Home Service on the following Tuesdays at 8:30pm. Episodes 13-26 repeated on the Light Programme the following Sundays at 6:30pm. 22 episodes further repeated on the Home Service on Saturdays at 1:10pm 23 April - 17 Sept 1960.

Ep. Date Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Title
2/011959-10-161959-10-201960-04-23The New No.1
2/021959-10-231959-10-271960-04-30Fatso's Box Brownie
2/031959-10-301959-11-031960-05-07Bringing Back the Barge
2/041959-11-061959-11-101960-05-14The Mock Action
2/051959-11-131959-11-171960-05-21Going Dutch
2/061959-11-201959-11-241960-05-28The Figurehead
2/071959-11-271959-12-011960-06-04Gunboat to Goomba
2/081959-12-041959-12-081960-06-11Johnson Finds Treasure
2/091959-12-111959-12-151960-06-18The Charter Trip To Antarctica
1960-06-25Cementing Relations
1960-07-02The Comfort Fund Dance
1960-07-09The Route March
2/131960-01-081960-01-101960-07-16Trip Up the Thames
2/141960-01-151960-01-171960-07-23The Radar Talk-Down System
2/151960-01-221960-01-241960-07-30A Crisp Romance
2/161960-01-291960-01-311960-08-06Lighthouse Lark
2/171960-02-051960-02-071960-08-13Pertwee Posted to Portsmouth
2/181960-02-121960-02-141960-08-20Johnson's Diet
2/201960-02-261960-02-281960-09-03Return to Potarneyland
2/211960-03-041960-03-061960-09-10The Cross Country Run
2/221960-03-111960-03-131960-09-17The Morning After
The Admiral's Punch Bowl
Secret Mission to Calais
Mr Murray Goes Sick
The Potarneyland Fishing Limit

Series 3

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Wednesdays at 7:31pm and repeated on the following Sundays at 1:45pm. Episodes 1-19 further repeated on the Home Service on Wednesdays at 1:10pm 29 March - 2 August 1961.

Ep. Date Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Title
3/011960-11-021960-11-061961-03-29In Portmouth for a Refit
3/021960-11-091960-11-131961-04-05Refitting Ebeneezer Pertwee's
3/031960-11-161960-11-201961-04-12Sea Trials and the Poppadom
3/041960-11-231960-11-271961-04-19Mutiny Aboard Troutbridge ?
3/051960-11-301960-12-041961-04-26The Explosive Biscuits
3/061960-12-071960-12-111961-05-03Sir Willoughby Takes Over the
3/071960-12-141960-12-181961-05-10Mount Rumpus Atoll
3/081960-12-211960-12-251961-05-17Mr Murray's Houseboat
(50th ed)
3/091960-12-281961-01-011961-05-24Johnson's Birthday
3/101961-01-041961-01-081961-05-31Enforced leave for Captain Povey
3/111961-01-111961-01-151961-06-07Families' Day on
HMS Troutbridge
3/121961-01-181961-01-221961-06-14The Falmouth Ghost Ship
3/131961-01-251961-01-291961-06-21Onabushkan Flu
3/141961-02-011961-02-051961-06-28Efficiency Drive/Expert
3/151961-02-081961-02-121961-07-05The Floggle Grommit Missile
3/161961-02-151961-02-191961-07-12The Hitch Hiking Counterfeiter
3/171961-02-221961-02-261961-07-19Commadore Goldstein
3/181961-03-011961-03-051961-07-26Mr. Philips' Navigation Test
3/191961-03-081961-03-121961-08-02CPO Pertwee and the Laundry
Captain Stanton's Wedding

Series 4

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Fridays at 7:31pm and repeated on the following Sundays at 2:30pm. Seven episodes further repeated on the Home Service 3 July - 14 August at 1:10pm.

Ep. Date Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Title
Returning from Leave
4/021961-09-221961-09-241963-07-03Captain Povey's a Spy
Catching the Big Fella
The Northampton Hunt Ball
4/061961-10-201961-10-221963-07-10Admiral Troutbridge
Relatives and Reservations
Humgrummits On the High Seas
Are Captain and Mrs. Povey
Cine Cameras at Sea
4/111961-11-241961-11-261963-07-17The Citizen Adjustment Course
4/121961-12-011961-12-031963-07-24A Hole Lieutenant
Spy Catching in Casablanca
Mount Pot Erupts
Captain Povey's Shop
Leading Seaman Goldstein's
The Invitation
The Cornish Exercise
A Strange Hobby
Mr. Phillips Gets Engaged
4/211962-02-021962-02-041963-07-31The Sinking of the Bubble Car
Long Jonathan Pertwee
4/231962-02-161962-02-181963-08-07The Admirals Accident Report
4/241962-02-231962-02-251963-08-14Over the Sea to Rosyth
The Return of Sir Fredrick
The Ship's Concert

Series 5

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Fridays at 8:00pm. Repeated on the Home Service on Wednesdays at 1:10pm 21 August - 25 September.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
5/011963-04-051963-08-21First day out of dock
5/021963-04-121963-08-29The New Barmaid (100th ed)
5/031963-04-191963-09-04A Deliberate Bashing
5/041963-04-261963-09-11Whittlesea Regatta
5/051963-05-031963-09-18HMS Troutbridge gets a Rocket
5/061963-05-101963-09-25The Ghost Ship

Series 6

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Fridays at 8:00pm, with episodes 4-14 repeated on Sundays at 2:00pm 6 September - 15 November.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
Wren Chasen Returns
On the Carpet
The Bungalese Spies
6/041963-10-181964-09-06Troutbridge's Party
6/051963-10-251964-09-13Rescuing Admirals
6/061963-11-011964-09-20Demise of the Depth Charges
6/071963-11-081964-09-27The Struggle for Promotion
6/081963-11-151964-10-04Navigation by Computer
6/091963-11-221964-10-11Stormy Weather
6/101963-11-291964-10-18Chasing the Kepeac
6/111963-12-061964-10-25The Submerged Island
6/121963-12-131964-11-01The Sicilian Secret Agent
6/131963-12-201964-11-08Germany's Troutbridge
6/141963-12-271964-11-15Confirming Povey's Rank
The Calais Dock Strike
Johnson's Memoirs
The Emperor of Tratvia
Open Day
Stuck on a Sandbank

Series 7

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Sundays at 2:00pm and repeated on the following Wednesdays at 7:31pm.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
7/011965-07-111965-07-14Back in the Muck Again
7/021965-07-181965-07-21Smugglers in the Solent
7/031965-07-251965-07-28Mr. Murray is Victimised
7/041965-08-011965-08-04The Poveys Move House
7/051965-08-081965-08-11Captain Povey Reports Sick
7/061965-08-151965-08-18Admiral Pertwee's Fleet ?
7/071965-08-221965-08-25Let Loose With a Chopper
7/081965-08-291965-09-01Making a Right Pig's Breakfast
7/091965-09-051965-09-08The Mysterious Pudding Mine
7/101965-09-121965-09-15The Hovercraft Training Course
7/111965-09-191965-09-22The Sabotaged Floggle Toggle Box
7/121965-09-261965-09-28The Potarneyland Training Exercise
7/131965-10-031965-10-06Going On Leave to Croydon

Series 8

Broadcast on the Light Programme on Sundays at 1:30pm and repeated on the following Wednesdays at 8:00pm.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
8/011966-09-041966-09-07Where is Troutbridge ?
8/021966-09-111966-09-14The Float a Peddle Fiddle
8/031966-09-181966-09-21A Sticky Business
8/041966-09-251966-09-28Buoys will be Buoys
8/051966-10-021966-10-05Steamship Day
8/061966-10-091966-10-12Farewell to HMS Varsity
8/071966-10-161966-10-19The Army Lark
8/081966-10-231966-10-26Just the Ticket
8/091966-10-301966-11-02Mr. Philips' Promotion
8/101966-11-061966-11-09Pertwee and the Tratvian Beer
8/111966-11-131966-11-16The PM Papa
8/121966-11-201966-11-23Getting Rid of Pertwee
8/131966-11-271966-11-30Off to Sea at Last

Series 9

Episodes 1-13 broadcast on the Light Programme on Sundays at 1:30pm and repeated on the following Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Episodes 14-20 broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:00pm and repeated on Radios 1 and 2 the following Wednesdays at 7:45pm.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
9/011967-07-021967-07-05Back from the Antarctic
9/021967-07-091967-07-12Fishing Off the Faroes
9/031967-07-161967-07-19A Filthy Ferryboat
9/041967-07-231967-07-26Jigsaws and Jemmies
9/051967-07-301967-08-02The Naval Review
9/061967-08-061967-08-09The Curious Caravan Case
9/071967-08-131967-08-16Frenchmen in Berth J.41
9/081967-08-201967-08-23The Police Drop In
9/091967-08-271967-08-30Mr. Murray's Endurance Course
9/101967-09-031967-09-06Women in the Wardroom
9/111967-09-101967-09-13Troutbridge's Silver Jubilee Party
9/121967-09-171967-09-20Cecil The Navigational Computer
9/131967-09-241967-09-27A Russian Rendezvous
9/141967-10-011967-10-04The Bugged and Burgled Beer
9/151967-10-081967-10-11Picking Up the Poppadom
9/161967-10-151967-10-18Cuthbert Joins the Navy
9/171967-10-221967-10-25The Flying Machine
9/181967-10-291967-11-01Mr. Philips at Dartmouth
9/191967-11-051967-11-08A Fishy Business
9/201967-11-121967-11-15Troutbridge In Quarantine

Series 10

Broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:00pm and repeated on the following Mondays at 8:45pm.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
10/011968-10-131968-10-14Troutbridge Electrifies Portsmouth
10/021968-10-201968-10-21The Redundancy Drive
10/031968-10-271968-10-28The Smugglers Return
10/041968-11-031968-11-04Commander Trotter Takes Charge
10/051968-11-101968-11-11The Anti-Submarine Missile Launcher
10/061968-11-171968-11-18Sub-Conductor Phillips
10/071968-11-241968-11-25The South Kawowan Summit
10/081968-12-011968-12-02Pertwee's Enlistment Expires !
10/091968-12-081968-12-09Captain Povey Takes Over
10/101968-12-151968-12-16Sir Willoughby Goes to Kawowan
10/111968-12-221968-12-23The Padre's Birthday
10/121968-12-291968-12-30The Portsmouth Kiosk
10/131969-01-051969-01-06The Radio Beacon
10/141969-01-121969-01-13Mr. Philips' Wrong Uniform
10/151969-01-191969-01-20Harold Wilson Reviews the Fleet
10/161969-01-261969-01-27The Relief of the Weather Ship
10/171969-02-021969-02-03The Mickey Mouse Toothbrush
10/181969-02-091969-02-10The Brick Smugglers

Series 11

Episodes 1-14 broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:00pm and repeated on the following Mondays at 8:45pm. Episodes 15-16 broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:01pm and repeated on Radio 4 the following Mondays at 6:15pm. Episodes 4-5 were further repeated at the end of Series 12.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
11/011969-12-281969-12-29Lt-Cmdr Murray and the Squatters
11/021970-01-041970-01-05What is the SSE ?
11/031970-01-111970-01-12Promotion for CPO Pertwee
11/041970-01-181970-01-19Running Aground
11/051970-01-251970-01-26Sir Willoughby's Party
11/061970-02-011970-02-02The Fleet Initiative Test
11/071970-02-081970-02-09C.P.O. Pertwee's Long Service Medal
11/081970-02-151970-02-16The Phenomenal Pertwee Tug
11/091970-02-221970-02-23The Security Clampdown
11/101970-03-011970-03-02The Anniversary and the Washing
11/111970-03-081970-03-09Forbodians Hijack Troutbridge
11/121970-03-151970-03-16No.1 Gets Married
11/131970-03-221970-03-23The Honeymooners Return
11/141970-03-291970-03-30CPO Pertwee and the Lead Half Crowns
11/151970-04-051970-04-06Leslie Leaving the Navy
11/161970-04-121970-04-13The Mark 31 Radar

Series 12

Broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:01pm. Repeated on Radio 4 on the following Mondays at 6:15pm. Series 12 was extended by repeats of episodes 4-5 of Series 11.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
12/011971-05-161971-05-17Put a Horse out to Graze Fund
12/021971-05-231971-05-24Impressions for Survival
12/031971-05-301971-05-31The Beard-Growing Race
12/041971-06-061971-06-14Operation Recovery
12/061971-06-201971-06-21The Slogan Contest
12/071971-06-271971-06-28Sir Willoughby at Shanghai (200th ed)
12/081971-07-041971-07-05Operation Cowes Barge
12/091971-07-111971-07-12Mr. Murray's Anniversary
12/101971-07-181971-07-19The Loch Ness Monster
11/041970-07-251971-07-26Running Aground (repeat)
11/051970-08-011971-08-02Sir Willoughby's Party (repeat)

Series 13

Broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:02pm and repeated on the following Mondays at 8:02pm. Nine episodes were further repeated on Radio 4 on Fridays at 12:25pm 4 August - 29 September 1972.

Ep. Date Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Title
The TV Documentary
The P.O.W. Escape Exercise
No.1's Married Quarters
13/041972-04-161972-04-171972-08-18The Newhaven-Dieppe
Smuggling Run
The Bumble Spit Lighthouse
13/061972-04-301972-05-011972-08-11The Tonipouhaha Treasure
13/071972-05-071972-05-081972-09-01The US Navigator Swap
13/081972-05-141972-05-151972-08-25Son of a Sea Lord
13/091972-05-211972-05-221972-08-04Hypnotising Ramona
13/101972-05-281972-05-291972-09-08The Master of Sardinia
13/111972-06-041972-06-051972-09-15Opportunity Knockers
13/121972-06-111972-06-121972-09-22Friday 13th
13/131972-06-181972-06-191972-09-29The New NAAFI

Series 14

Broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:02pm and repeated on the following Mondays at 7:02pm.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
14/011973-07-291973-07-30The Montezuela Revolution
14/021973-08-051973-08-06The Island Swordfish
14/031973-08-121973-08-13Bunged in the Rattle
14/041973-08-191973-08-20Kidnapped Down Under
14/051973-08-261973-08-27The Digital Isles Go Unstable
14/061973-09-021973-09-03Egbert Hitches a Ride
14/071973-09-091973-09-10Povey an Admiral at Last
14/081973-09-161973-09-17The Borgholm Horse Trials
14/091973-09-231973-09-24Captain Povey's Wig
14/101973-09-301973-10-01The Brain Pill
14/111973-10-071973-10-08Operation Showcase
14/121973-10-141973-10-15CPO Pertwee - Yachtmonger
14/131973-10-211973-10-22The Talpinium Shell

Series 15

Broadcast on Radio 2 on Sundays at 2:02pm and repeated on the following Saturdays at 7:02pm. A final "Jubilee" episode was broadcast on Radio 2 on Saturday 16 July 1977 at 1:02pm and repeated on Sunday 17 July 1977 at 7:02pm.

Ep. Date Repeat Title
15/011975-11-091975-11-15Cast Adrift
15/021975-11-161975-11-22NANA / Ill Bred Fred
15/031975-11-231975-11-29Helen the New Wren
15/041975-11-301975-12-06The Relief of Station 150
15/051975-12-071975-12-13Black is Beautiful
15/061975-12-141975-12-20Sidney and the Stamp
15/071975-12-211975-12-27Commander Murray - Showjumper
15/081975-12-281976-01-03Horrible Horace Comes Aboard
15/091976-01-041976-01-10Burning Their Bras
15/101976-01-111976-01-17The Case of the HGM Mark 5
15/111976-01-181976-01-24Uncle Wilberforce Pertwee
15/121977-07-161977-07-17The BBC is sending the Bill to
Buckingham Palace

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